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You will need:

*1 watermelon

*1 tbs. powdered Palo Dulce

*1 cup mixed rice and beans

*1 tbs. shredded coconut

*2 tbs. fresh basil leaves

*1 tbs. anil powder

*1 tbs. river water

*1 tbs. sea water

*2 cups molasses

*3 cups olive oil

*7 pennies

*1 wick

*Statue/Picture of Fertility Goddess, such as Isis


Cut the watermelon in half and scoop the majority of the insides out. Write your name 7 times on a brown piece of paper. Place the paper at the bottom of the watermelon, and then place the 7 pennies on the paper. Place the powdered Palo Dulce, rice, and beans, shredded coconut and fresh basil leaves in the watermelon. Pour the river water and the sea water into the watermelon. Then pour the molasses into the watermelon, and then pour the olive oil into the watermelon.

Mix the anil into the olive oil. Float the wick on top of the oil. Light the wick and allow it to burn for 7 days. place the watermelon lamp next to the statue or picture of the Fertility Goddess you have chosen. On the 8th day, bring the watermelon and leave it next to a body of water.

You may also want to make a lotion by adding: preparation: place 1 cup of unscented body lotion or body cream in a mixing bowl. Mix well. 10 drops coconut oil 10 drops chrysanthemum oil 20 drops watermelon oil

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