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When there is a thing, situation, person, etc. that you want to be rid of, that you want to get out of your life forever.

Take a nine inch natural cord (nine being the number of the master of the self) or string. Concentrating on your situation, person, etc., intensely talking out loud *or yelling as the case may be* slowly tie a knot in the cord. Before pulling it tight, make sure you get worked up with all the emotion you can muster on the subject; all the anger, pain, resentment, etc. Then tie it up in the knot. Lay the string somewhere safe and enclosed, like a box.

Then go and forget about it. Get rid of the negative energy. Take a shower/ bath, a bike ride, walk, see a funny movie, see your best friend (but don't' talk about your problem), anything that will put you in a good mood and make you feel clean and powerful and refreshed. Then go back to the cord (within the same 24 hrs please), and hold it.

While visualizing your trouble disappearing from your life, and saying the same, untie the knot and see it setting free and leaving. Burn the cord in a cauldron, preferably a copper one. (a cup will do if you don't have a cauldron).

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